First post – introduction

Hi everyone how are you all doing?

Today’s post will be a bit of an introduction just so we can say hi get acquainted and you have a bit of an idea of the person behind this blog. So without further ado, let’s get this bad boy rolling.

My name’s Ellie, as I’m writing this post I’m 26 years young and have been since February of this year. The majority of things I will be writing about will be regarding the topics of disability, mental health/illness, LGBT issues, with a slight smattering of gender equality stuff thrown in there every so often. The reasoning behind these particular topics I hear you ask.

Well, the very simple answer is I’m a young woman who has a visual impairment who was diagnosed with chronic moderate depression when I was around 22 years old and is an open lesbian.

I will be discussing these topics from a personal standpoint i.e. situations that I’ve experienced or just general life stories, in a way that I hope will be quite frank. I guess my posts will be my personal way of raising awareness and hopefully give some useful insight to others or educate those who read my posts.

As I mentioned above all my posts here on in will be my own personal experiences or opinions on the topics I will be discussing. I do not wish to offend anyone by what I say. This space is merely a space to share thoughts, feelings and experiences.

See you in the next post guys :).


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