Life update and return to blogging.

Hi everyone I firstly want to apologise for being a lazy bum and not posting in about a million years. I want to blame it on writers block but then I would be turning into a big fat liar. One of the main reasons is simply pure laziness. I get distracted by the most inane of things at times and before I know it 10 thousand hours have passed and I get into the mindset of 'I'll do it later' and when later comes around I can't be bothered. However, I have had a few exciting things happen for me recently.

So what has been happening in my life recently?

Well firstly I had my grading for my yellow belt in Taekwando. This must have been a month or so ago back when we had all that really swelteringly hot weather and it felt properly like summer, not like the horrible overcast limbo that we're trapped in now where the weather can't make up it's mind. It was such a relief to get it over and done with and not make a fool out of myself by passing out especially since there was a gruelling fitness test at the end. However, I surpassed any of my own expectations because not only did I manage to get my yellow belt I managed to achieve an A. Now for me that really is something as I was never very good at or interested in sports at school. My lack of hand eye coordination, nothing to do with my abysmal eyesight I sear, and my general lack of overwhelming talent or natural ability for anything sporty meant that I was never a big name in the school sporting world. So you can imagine my surprise and jumping for joy state at being praised so highly for something sport related.

The second big change in my life was the decision to start job hunting. I did have a job as a part time TA in an SEN school but due to the catch 22 situation I was in I was never able to progress, despite my numerous attempts at trying to get a full time job I was told I didn't have enough experience and I lacked initiative and the ability to sufficiently meet the needs of the children's learning targets. However, I was never in one class long enough to completely understand their particular way of learning and the very best way to help them and get the best out of them. How was I suppose to help the children whilst improving my own practice if I wasn't in the same class everyday for the academic year and I wasn't even in for a full school day most of the time? They never properly helped me help myself. I got so run down with the situation I was in I decided that it was best for me to start looking at moving on. I needed an environment that would give me full time hours and more consistency which would, in the long run allow me to get to know the environment, the kids and the team I was working with well enough to improve upon the things that I need to, to become a better practitioner.

Hence the hunt for a new environment. I was lucky enough to land an interview at a day care and nursery that is literally a 5 – 10 minute walk from my house. I would be the biggest liar in the world if I said I wasn't nervous. I was wandering if I was good enough, if I had the right qualities to work with mainstream kids between the ages of 0 – 5 years. Would I have the skill set or potential to be able to show that I could improve upon what knowledge and ability I already had? Would I be able to fit into a new environment? I'm one of these people that can find big changes rather terrifying and looking for a new job and all that it entails is enough to give anyone nightmares. New people, new challenges, different ways of working are nerve wrecking things.

So, on the day of the interview I walked down the hill to the nursery with the feeling that I was going to loose the contents of my stomach. However, to my surprise as soon as I walked in a quiet confidence flooded over me. It was such a strange experience. Before every other interview I've had I've literally wanted to puke the whole way through, I've stumbled over my own tongue, I've used to many 'ums' and 'ers'. I'd always come out of an interview feeling like I could have said more and like I didn't do myself justice.

However, this time round I felt a lot more confident in who I was, what I know I needed to improve upon, what I wanted out of my job and I was able to admit that there would be times that I would need help and advice. I felt a lot morre calm around the people who were interviewing me because I didn't have any preconceived ideas about who they were. They immediately put me at ease and that helped me dramatically. I felt I could be honest with myself and them and I felt that I was able to present the best possible version of me considering that I still had some butterflies going on.

There were two distinct sections to the interview process. Firstly I had to read a story to a preselected group of children then I had a formal sit down interview with the head and manager of the nursery. Overall I had a good feeling throughout. I gave it my all and did myself proud. And guess what? It paid off. I was offered a job. I had a smile so big I felt like my face was going to be split in half. I was finally given the chance to prove to others and myself what I can become if given the chance. I know it's going to be a challenge but it'll be well worth the wait. To be taken seriously, to have people want to employ me full time gives me a real sense of empowerment and self pride. It shows me that I'm worth someone's time. I am appreciated enough for someone to take a chance on me who will support me in my endeavours. Needless to say I am now fully enjoying my six weeks summer holidays before the whirlwind of a new job starts.

The second thing that has been taking up a lot of my time recently were rehearsals for a performance that I was part of. I was part of a choir that sung pop, gospel and Motown covers. Normally I would only go to one rehearsal a week but recently there have been extra rehearsals because we had a performance at the cathedral of my home town last night. We sung a selection of songs including, Defying gravity, True, Somebody to love, Shut up and dance, Uptown girl, Ain't no mountain and Halo. It was such an amazing experience. The St Albans Cathedral is such a lovely space and to have all those people cheer for us is just an amazing feeling. Also being able to sing with a live band instead of a backing track is an experience everyone who loves singing should get to experience it's just such a thrill. However, it's nice to know that it's over and once again I can relax and take a break and have some time to myself.

I also had to finish off and hand in all the work for the course that I was studying. I have probably mentioned that I was doing an NVQ level 2 in in Supporting Teaching and Learning in schools. I had to make sure that the work I was doing was to my usual high standards and that I was able to complete all the work in an appropriate time frame. I finally handed everything in for the last time on Monday. It's such a weight off my mind to know that that is one stress off my mind. I don't have to go to sleep worrying that I haven't completed a piece of work. It's a massive achievement, knowing that I've been able to get everything done and dusted and that I've never had any real issues with my work and that it's been a smooth and relatively easy process. It's just another educational achievement that I can put onto my CV that will improve my chances of future employment and peaks my interest in the world of education and child development. Knowledge is power and there is always something new to learn. Whoever says the learning process stops when you leave school or uni or college would be lying. There are always opportunities to improve yourself by furthering your knowledge in any area of study. You are never to old or young to return to study.

I must admit that it may sound like I haven't been up to a whole lot but doing these things whilst still working all week can be quite time consuming. Whenever I wasn't doing something I would let myself get lost in catching up with Game of thrones or The Walking Dead. Sorting out all the admin side of things for a new job and learning words to songs as well as all the moves and techniques for a grading can be quite time consuming. However, now things have quietened down I will hopefully be writing more and finding new inspirations for posts. Having the time to explore the things that interest me.

So for now my lovelies I shall love you and leave you. I know this has been a short post but I just wanted a quick post to update y'all on what's been going on with me recently and to let you know that I will have much more time on my hands to explore the blogging side of my life again.


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