Only you can control you. My feminism opinion.

I can only write this from the perspective of a British woman who has grown up, experienced life in the UK as part of wider western society in the 21st century The structure of woman’s society, mainly in the 21st western century is a very convoluted and complex one in my personal opinion. We still... Continue Reading →


A massive middle finger to all chauvinistic pigs who grounds the rest of us down under their ponssy heals.

To anyone out there who thinks it's ok to demoralize, stigmatize, belittle, degrade, squeeze the life out of someone, emotionally destroy someone based on their gender, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or cultural background I am baffled, ashamed outraged and sickened. Give me three logical, unemotional reasons why you are better than anyone else that... Continue Reading →

A house should never be a prison.

Why should people who have a disability be forced into accommodation that does not suit their needs that allow independence and dignity? Many people who live with a disability may have to rely on council housing because it can be harder for us to find sufficiently paid jobs or any job at all. For people... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about MENTAL HEALTH

Mental health, does it make you uncomfortable when someone starts talking about how they're feeling and what's going on in their head? Why? Can you say what it is exactly that makes you feel uncomfortable about discussing mental health/illness? I have written before about the fact that I suffer from chronic depression with symptoms of... Continue Reading →

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