A massive middle finger to all chauvinistic pigs who grounds the rest of us down under their ponssy heals.

To anyone out there who thinks it’s ok to demoralize, stigmatize, belittle, degrade, squeeze the life out of someone, emotionally destroy someone based on their gender, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or cultural background I am baffled, ashamed outraged and sickened.

Give me three logical, unemotional reasons why you are better than anyone else that has nothing to with educational, ethnic, gender, sexual orientational, race, religion or cultural issues?
What gives you the right to think you’re anything more than a pathetic, close-minded asshole who obviously has thoughts above your station?
If you can’t see past your own patriarchal, archaic, rude, pretentious, establishmentarianism, entitled nose than why should I take you seriously or hold your opinions in any esteem?
If you think it’s your duty to treat others worse than road kill that you wouldn’t feed to your dog than you are seriously messed up. I would call you insane or retarded but that would be the biggest insult to those who suffer from mental illness or have a learning disability because at least these groups of people have a basic sense of what it means to be gracious have good manners, treat others right, be respectful, kind and polite to fellow human beings.
Treating others like a piece of meat that you can beat down, mistreat, emotionally destroy to then mould to what you think they should be is torture.
Your insane sense of entitlement that deludes you to believe you have the power to control those around you to the point of becoming the most toxic thing in their lives is the utmost show of pigheaded rudeness. REALITY check you are not the king of the universe. We will not bow down, lick your shoes and beg you to give us worse food and shelter than you would give pigs because that would be the kind and decent thing of you do too because you are not the almighty god of all knowledge and power.

Many thanks a bisexual, visually impaired woman.


Pain, frustration and positivity. It’s ok to have dark days with a disability

The aim of this post is not to garner sympathy at all. This is just a rambling post about the impact a visual impairment can have on one’s mental health, specifically my own as I can never begin to imagine what other people go through or their thought processes regarding their own sight and personal journey.

This is in no way a post that describes every single experience that every single person with a visual impairment has. It’s simply a portrayal of one way in which one individual has been shaped. My life is in no way meaningless just because of my own journey or experiences. It does not mean I don’t aim to have a fulfilling, positive and meaningful life. If anything the life experiences that I’ve had is one of the main reasons why I want to work with people and make a change in the lives of others who may be travelling the same path as myself

I was born with Oculocutanious Albinism, a stable condition that means I am legally blind. Do I consider myself to be ‘blind’? No, as I have a lot of useful vision compared to a lot of people who I know in the visually impaired community. However, the more important question is do I even consider myself fully visually impaired? … No.

I try and blag my way through life as much as possible because I don’t want to seem vulnerable or weak in any way. It’s almost like I don’t want to accept that I need help. I don’t want people thinking I can’t do something because of my sight.

However, doing so puts me in a worse situation than if I held my hands up fully to the fact that there are times that I actually need a little extra support.

To give an example, I don’t use a long cane nearly as much as I should do. I don’t want to look ‘blinder’ than I think I am. I also don’t think I need a mobility aid as much as someone who has less sight than I do so I feel like a bit of a fraud whenever I use it.

Generally speaking, my dear sweet loving family are extremely supportive and want the best for me and want me to access help where appropriate. However, my long cane has always been a bit of a funny situation. My parents have always discouraged me to use my cane around where I live. On numerous occasions, I have been told in no uncertain terms that my cane would put less trust in me because it would be a physical sign of my visual impairment primarily in terms of the previous types of jobs that I’ve had or when applying for jobs. I have also struggled a lot when it comes to disclosing my visual impairment when applying for a job and I have always been advised not to because it might harm my ability to be shortlisted for an interview. Of course, when mummy dearest gives you advice you tend to want to listen because … well, she’s mum and you always tend to believe that parents have more life experience and know what’s what.

Now, I’m not saying that my parents are bad people. Of course their not, quite the opposite in fact. However, I think it can be very difficult for parents of children with any form of disability, especially an invisible disability that is both severe but not severe at the same time. There is no manual on how to best deal with any and all situations that can and do crop up.

Having the condition that I have means you live in a bit of a grey scale world. You don’t fit into the sighted world but, this is just how I feel, you don’t fully fit into the blind world either. It’s almost like you’re a bit of a nomad just stumbling from point to point. You have enough sight to be able to pass as sighted but you need certain aids to help but some aids are specifically designed for people with little to no sight that you don’t feel you actually need or want them.

This perpetual cycle of thinking you’re more sighted than you actually are can be very dangerous, physically, mentally and emotionally. Due to the fact that I don’t use a cane people don’t know that my sight isn’t good enough to move out of the way and can be a rather stupid risk to take when in busy urban areas where there are lots of bikes, cars, buses etc. Emotionally you never feel you fit into one specific place and don’t know how to describe what you can and can’t see because there isn’t specific vocabulary that isn’t medical jargon.

Mentally it can almost be a daily battle to either explain to people that yes you are disabled and no you’re not faking it, decided if it’s the right decision to declare you’re disability for job applications, fighting for the correct support which can sometimes be hard because not even you know the wide variety of support that is out there (because it would be way to easy to make help fully accessible and fully at the forefront of peoples awareness) and how it can help, feeling like you can’t do jobs that you want because of your disability and feeling like you’re stuck in a place where you’ll never get a good career that’ll fulfil you because people don’t want the hasstle of a visually impaired employee or don’t think you are capable of performing tasks simply based upon your disability.

Emotionally it’s tiring feeling stuck in one place because out of pure and utter lazy habit it’s become a safe little bubble where you can run and hide perpetuating the cycle of self-doubt, never trying new things, never pushing yourself because you constantly tell yourself that you’ll never amount to much in a sighted world. You feel trapped by your environment and the little bubble that you don’t feel safe to leave.

I am at a crossroads in my life at the moment. I am applying for Universal Credit (part of the UK’s benefits system) which I must say has a very regimented way of doing things and seemingly has very little understanding or regard for people with a wide variety of disabilities and that being disabled is not just a black or white situation. However, I digress. Until I am receiving money I don’t feel like I am able to move forward because I don’t have the financial aid to fund things like invaluable voluntary work that could be very useful to me gaining a job that I could be good at and that I’d actually want to do. Volunteering would also mean having to travel further afield than St Albans, which luckily is so close to London that I’m quite comfortable travelling to London seeing as I’ve done it so many times. However, the fact that my whole working life so far has revolved around St. Albans the prospect of travelling somewhere different, meeting a wider variety of people and so on is rather daunting and something that my mental attitude has thrown a bit of a hissy fit about recently.

I know I have to travel outside my comfort zone or I’ll never grow as a person but my mind and emotions are like, ‘fuck it Ellie do you really want to put yourself out there and just get turned down immediately? coz that’s just a very real possibility you know?’.

So the long and the short of it is. That is where I am in my life so far. One part of me wants to run and hide from everything and another little jiminy cricket part of me is screaming at me to jump into the deep end and flail about until I learn how to tread water and look like a swan, kicking my feet but cool, calm and relaxed on the surface.

Life isn’t easy when you’ve got an invisible disability. We all have our own journeys, emotions, mentality and outward influencers that we have to deal with and it’s ok to feel lost, angry and upset. There is no timeframe or specific way to deal with these feelings and issues. However, if you are someone you know is feeling like this then just know that it’s ok and you’re not the only one who feels these feels.

Gender roles, expectations and LGBT hate is killing of individuality

I’m a cis-woman who identifies as fluid. Say what now? So I was born in a biologically female body. I have boobs and a vagina and I have feminine facial features and a feminine body type. I identify as female and I don’t have any dysphoria around my body. Sure I wish I could be taller, have bigger boobs, be slightly thinner and have longer more shapely legs but that’s not what I mean by dysphoria. Let me put it in a very basic way, someone who is not cis-gender is transgender or feels like they are the opposite gender born and trapped in the wrong body i.e someone who identifies personally, mentally and emotionally as female but is born in a male’s body or visa versa an individual who identifies as male but born in a female’s body. Disclaimer: that is a very basic description of gender identity and gender dysphoria that in no way shape or form encompasses the wide range of emotions, thought process etc that someone who is transgender can or will experience in their lifetime.

Therefore after my rudimentary and most likely very discriminatory explanation above I can say that mentally, emotionally and physically I feel like I am what society would call female. Gender identity is a spectrum with cis-gender and transgender being the two polar opposites of each other if you want to think of it like that. I cannot and will not speak for the entire spectrum of gender identity and presentation because I can only ever speak as someone who identifies as one of the myriad presentations of gender.

All I can say is that we should never presume to know how someone feels within themselves. They may physically look ‘male’ or ‘female’ but they may feel a completely different way. Someone may be gender fluid, one day they may feel more feminine the next they may feel more masculine or could feel like they are an equal mix of both. Depending on the individual and how they wish to express themselves or how comfortable or able they fell to present their gender identities outward signs such as clothing, make-up and mannerisms such as stance and/or walking gate may change it really does depend on the individual. I realise I did talk a bit about a different gender identity other than my own but I can’t ever presume to know everything about gender identity and wanted to give one more example to prove that gender is far more expansive than the social construction of male and female and no-one can ever be defined solely as male or female.

Although I present myself and feel that I am intrinsically female do I like and enjoy everything that is a socially constructed female thing or action? HELL TO THE NO. I ain’t got time for that dude. I hate pink with a passion why in hell does pink have to be societies go to girly colour? Fuck do I know is all I can say to that.

Do I wear makeup all the time and have my eyebrows on fleek and perfect hair every day? Mate it looks like you have found one girl who isn’t butch but isn’t societies norm for a girl.

Fifty shades or superhero movies? Damn get me in line for all and every superhero movie there is. I don’t even care that I’m a little bit too excited for the second Deadpool film to come out. Don’t get me wrong I will always indulge in films like ‘love actually’ ‘Bridget Jones’ or ‘Pitch perfect’ but I don’t have to like every single film who’s main demographic is women. I mean my favourite film should give me away a bit ‘Hellboy’ I can watch over and over and never get bored I mean seriously if you’ve not heard of it why not?

Makeup or technology? I’d rather have the latest technology than the next spot covering cream. Sorry if I’m letting any makeup fans out there down, no wait you know what? I don’t care I shouldn’t ever apologise for what I like ever.

Taekwondo or gymnastics? Well, as much as I like watching gymnastics Taekwondo is so much cooler in my personal opinion. Of course, both sports keep you fit that’s without a doubt but do you learn how to defend yourself with awesome moves in gymnastics? WELL HELL NO. Can gymnasts fight each other in competitions? No … enough said really.

Rock/metal or rap/pop? This one is way more tricky because I do like a hell of a lot of pop music but is a lot rarer for me to own an entire album from a pop artist. Therefore it would have to be rock/metal/alternative music because it’s not all created by the big cheeses in the music industry, it’s real musicians, playing their own instruments creating their own music that they want to create more so than many pop artists. Plus if you don’t appreciate a good guitar or drum solo than ok but why not? Of course, I jest here because some of my best friends and I have a very different taste in music and that’s one of the things that can make a strong relationship, the difference in personality, style and expression is important and valid.

The gist of all this is that it’s ok to be who you are regardless of gender roles/stereotypes. Boys can like pink aim to be a nurse or teacher, girls can hate pink and dressing up in frills and princess dresses and want to be a doctor, pilot, engineer or scientist. Gender assignment and identity should not mean people expect us to act or be a certain way.

Just because women can be more emotionally intelligent we should never teach boys or men to be emotionally stunted nor should we dictate the way women should look or act physically. Both men and women can be either strong and muscly or lean. Gender should never play a part in the way someone feels comfortable presenting their true selves. Creating a very narrow image of how women and men should behave, look, walk, talk etc is very discriminatory and limiting and enables people to expect less or more of someone based on their genitals or physical appearance and put a massive amount of pressure on that person to maintain that way of being.

The same can be said of sexual orientation. I view myself as fluid. I like both men and women. For any amount of time, I may prefer one gender or gender representation over another. That’s fine that’s who I am and I shouldn’t have to deny or change myself to fit into someone else’s ideal or thought process. I also find it very derogatory and incredibly rude when people assume things about me because I identify as fluid.

I’m not a stereotype and I would like to throw that great lump of steaming shit into the fan so to speak. I know many misconceptions come from history, extream religious views or the way someone was brought up. That still doesn’t give anyone the right to change someone or inflict hate and subsequent emotional and mental pain upon another person.

Sexual orientation and gender identity is not a lifestyle or choice and thus it cannot be changed. Hurtful words or actions only force people to hide who they truly are and serves them badly as they can’t be who they feel they truly are.

No amount of praying, religious shpeel about how I’m going to hell or the bible said man shalt not lie with another man or woman with another woman or conversion therapy will change my mental and potential biological makeup.

Social anxiety? Never suffer in silence.

The fear of rejection is something that can be really difficult to deal with when you don’t believe in yourself.

Meeting new people, making new friends and finding a partner can be hard when you can’t see the good in yourself.

I’ve never been able to understand what people see in me. Yes I know that I can be a good listener, loyal, kind and caring but I truly fail to see anything else that may be good about myself.

When you deal with such a low self-esteem issue as this it can be hard to accept that people want to know you. It’s like you constantly judge yourself and those around you. It’s like you feel you’re being lied to on a daily basis, never being able to accept that long term friends have actually stuck around.

I’ve never had a romantic relationship in all my 27 years. To some this may sound weird and totally incomprehensible. For me it’s normal. I’ve always just accepted that I’m. not the sort of person that another human being would want in their life romantically.

Again this is related to the fact that I have no self confidence. I simply lack the ability to understand that I could be in any way shape or form good for anyone. This has put me in a catch 22 type situation because despite my desperate want for a romantic partner I’ve never been able to let myself open up quite enough to do so.

People have always been quite shocked whenever I’ve said that I’ve never had a partner as I’m an amazing person but what is it that is so amazing about me because I’ve never been able to see it myself and, apparently nor has anyone else, at least not enough to want to date me.

I always worry that people will judge me in a negative way, think of me as weird or as not good enough. It can and is extremely hard to break that thought process when it’s the only one that you can remember having.

I have never seen myself as beautiful, intelligent, funny, logical or particularly outgoing. I always worry that those aspects hold me back in life.

When you desperately want to fit in but don’t feel like you fit in anywhere social interactions can become somewhat awkward and hard to deal with. This has made me less willing to meet new people and cling hard to those that I do have.

The main aim from this post is that whatever you are dealing with there is someone out there who may have similar feelings to you. You are never alone in the way you feel. Talking about the way you think and feel can be highly cathartic and bring awareness to mental health issues which can lead to better help for yourself and others. Never suffer in silence.

Working with a disability … find your path

As a disabled person of working age trying to find work that fits my personality, likes and passions can be difficult.

I am an individual with a ‘severe visual impairment’ that loves working with people. I am not someone that could sit down in a nine to five job behind a computer all day or in any generalised office job. For some people with a visual impairment that may be fine but that’s based more on their personalities and work preferences rather than being connected to their visual impairment.

Over the past three years I have worked in a school/nursery environment. I loved working with children as no two days were the same. A dynamic environment is an exciting one. That’s what I want from my work life. However, over the past three years one thing has stopped me from progressing.

My sight has lead me two leave two jobs in an SEN school for children with Learning Disabilities and a mainstream nursery. The reason behind my departure from both places is my sight. Safeguarding is such a hot topic in this day and age. The specific issues that I faces was potentially giving children the wrong food, personal care (changing nappies) and being able to keep eyes on children in the playground.

These are all valid points and logically I can understand why measures had to be taken. However, emotionally I’m frustrated. Never did I give children the wrong food, yes I may have looked slightly closer when changing children but I never harmed them and my sight had no major impact on my ability to change a child. In terms of supporting children in the playground that point is the most understandable of all. My distance vision isn’t great and for that reason I can understand that I may not be able to see something happening as quickly as other members of staff.

As a result of my vision I had to take a demotion in my last job which lead to my mental health suffering. I had to do menial and routine tasks such as cleaning and general tidying. This is an important part of keeping a nursery running but it wasn’t what I went there to do. I wanted to work with the children directly and the job that I ended up doing meant I had very limited interactions with the children.

Now I want to state that I am in no way trying to undermine the nursery that I worked for at all and for privacy reasons I won’t name them. It is simply due to my sight in relation to current safeguarding legislations that I found myself in the situation that I did.

However, I won’t lie. For a while I did blame the management at the nursery and became very resentful, jealous of others and felt my general mental health slipping. I simply couldn’t do what I wanted and I didn’t want to accept the facts exactly for what they were at the time.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you have a disability of any sort, doing a caring role such as working directly with children in a school or nursery environment your disability will inevitably throw up issues that will either be easy or difficult to overcome.

Unfortunately we live in such an age where disability does affect societies views of your capabilities to perform a caring job such as an early years practitioner or teaching assistant or nurse. We live in a society that is geared for able bodied people and working life is set to accommodate able bodied people.

From the standpoint of someone with a visual impairment and being a caring individual who wants to work with people I think there is still a stigma that, as a community, we can’t possibly look after or be in charge of other people because we find it harder to take care of ourselves independently. That is simply not the case at all.

I agree that there may be tasks that are more challenging but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways of working within a team environment to work around that so that we can work within our capabilities and work with our own strengths.

Just because we have a disability does not make us incapable or being a useful part of society that contributes towards making society and the economy a better place.

One positive thing that has come out of this for me is that I am taking some time out for myself I am focusing on improving my violin skills and going to teakwando anywhere between 3 and 6 times a week. I also have a new prospective on career options. I know I want to work with people still and I want to help people.

As I have struggled with mental health issues in the past I want to focus my attentions on one day becoming a counsellor and maybe investigating child services or disability services. Having both a disability and mental health issues myself and having a liking for working with children gives me options and becoming a counsellor would give me more career progression options.

It’s all about knowing what you want to do and finding a way to get there. There’s always going to be bumps along the way. Life is never straight forward and likes to throw us curve balls. It’s about accepting that and taking every opportunity to learn something about yourself from the situation that you find yourself in and taking that forward to improve and progress yourself.

I have accepted that working in the nursing or school background may not be an ideal option for me but I know that I want to help people so knowing that I have to look into and investigate other options where my eyesight won’t be such a major concern or hurdle.

Be true to yourself and never forget that when one path comes to an end you have the opportunity to create a new one that is unique to you and will get you the furthest in life.

Let’s talk about MENTAL HEALTH

Mental health, does it make you uncomfortable when someone starts talking about how they’re feeling and what’s going on in their head? Why? Can you say what it is exactly that makes you feel uncomfortable about discussing mental health/illness?

I have written before about the fact that I suffer from chronic depression with symptoms of social anxiety and PTSD.

It’s not something that I immediately state about myself. However, it’s not something that I would necessarily feel like I have to hide either. Why should I feel like I have to hide something about myself because it makes YOU feel awkward or uncomfortable?

Would you rather see me fall apart and become a shell of a person because society STILL tells us that having a mental illness is a taboo?

Is it showing weakness when we can’t stand on a broken leg? No, it’s seen as a part of the body that needs to be fixed. Is it showing weakness when someone needs a heart transplant to save their life? No, it’s seen as giving them their life back.

So can you tell me why is it that mental illness is still seen as being weak when it can destroy the life of the person suffering? Don’t even start to go down the line of ‘it’s not physical so it’s not real’. That is such a bullshit excuse that is so arcane that even cavemen would be cringing and beating their bats at hearing it.

No-one should ever feel like they can’t express their fears and thought processes because someone else will call them weak or stupid.

Does the sight of self-harm scars or the idea of suicide make you want to avoid the person who is suffering, think they are just attention seeking or alternatively make you feel sympathy for them? Whatever you feel, why do you feel it? Have you considered that the person is in considerable pain and needs an understanding and objective ear?

Well, surely there are people who are far worse off than you? Is that a thought that’s crossed your mind when someone has revealed that they are suffering? Have you considered that mental illness does not discriminate?

Have you considered exercise or meditation? Well, have you considered that whilst both of those are viable options to help relieve symptoms they are not a bee all and end all way to getting better because they are not dealing with the actual problem at hand?

Mental illness is not something that can be solved overnight. It’s a genuine problem that many people deal with on a daily basis regardless of how you feel about it and what perceive it to be or should be.

It’s tough and raw. It doesn’t fit into a neat little box that you can shelve and forget about or dismiss. Your need to feel comfortable, if that’s thinking mental health is not as important as physical health or whatever other reason you give yourself, is far less important than improving and saving lives.

The state’s mental health issue

Hi, guys, I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. For the most part, I have been enjoying lie ins just a little bit too much. I’ve noticed that I haven’t gotten up before about midday most days. One of the exceptions to that rule was Tuesday when I was up at about 10 am because I had an appointment at noon to break my tattoo virginity. I got the spell, Expecto Patronum from the Harry Potter written in the cool type cast on my right inner forearm. It’s so cool and has loads of funky colours in it. I’m so proud that I got it. I’ll admit that the pain was intense, but I was proud of myself because I wasn’t nervous, I didn’t puke, and I didn’t faint. So, all in all, I managed to handle myself pretty well.

The reason why I didn’t post last Sunday was that I’d had a pretty full on few days. I spent three days, during the week, with one of my best friends, Sassy, who is also a blogger. Then during the weekend, I stayed over another friends house because why not? We relaxed and watched movies and went swimming on Sunday before I came home that day.

It’s such a lovely and soul healing thing just being able to spend time with two good friends and chat about everything and nothing and putting the world to rights. Unfortunately, a lot of people still don’t think they deserve or are worthy of spending quality time with people who love them because of Mental Health issues that make them feel unworthy.

I am writing this post in light of the recent tragedy that the music world faced. I am of course speaking of the fact that Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington, committed suicide almost a month ago now. I had loved Linkin Park since my teens so when I heard the news I was, like so many others, devastated.

Over the past few years the UK’s mental health services, and I’m sure it must be the same in the US and other developed countries, have been under increasing pressure due to rises in patient numbers and little in the way of proper funding. This in part, is still down to the fact that there is a lot of stigma around mental health. Mental well-being is still seen as a slightly taboo subject, and much of the public still view it as something derogatory and less than physical pain simply because it’s not as visible as physical injuries. Even the Department of Health has said that we are in a ‘historic imbalance’ between mental and physical health services and you know it’s serious when such a big power house such as the DoH makes a remake like that.

If we are not well mentally then how can you expect us to live a happy, healthy life? It’s not like we can just jog it off or drink lots of water or simply be more social to make the genuine pain go away. Mental ill-health is often caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain which does need to be readjusted with both therapies and medication in tandem. Just because it’s not easy to spot doesn’t mean we’re making it up because we want extra attention. That’s far from the truth, and anyone who says otherwise is not educated or informed correctly and will run their mouth to try and make up for that fact.

So I will be throwing a few figures around this joint, so as a bit of a disclaimer, all facts mentioned are in regards to NHS funded services only and are not based on 100% of all the publicly funded mental health services in the UK.

So first figure for you, 27 out of 39 mental health trusts that did give information on their crisis teams have seen a 70% increase in workload, and many trusts have seen an increase of up to 60% in referrals, overall. However, there has been little to no rise in funding.

Second figure heading your way in 3 … 2 … 1 … a whopping 91, or possibly even more, patients have been waiting for up to 2 years and some cases even longer, while a further 320 patients had to wait at least 100 days to be discharged from mental health units.

For anyone who isn’t particularly familiar with the state of affairs at the moment, many people who have mental illness or learning disabilities are placed in units hundreds of miles away from their home, family, friends and safety net of a familiar place because a bed was only available at that time in that place.

Now anyone who has ever had a problem with mental health knows how important family, friends and safety can be to the recovery process. Therefore, placing someone out of their comfort zone may not necessarily be the best thing for them in the long run.

Also, can I just go back to the fact that people have to wait for about a bazillion years to be discharged from units? Like wait, hold up, the UK, like the US and other countries as well I’m assuming, is facing a massive shortage of beds and a lack of funding so, pardon my French but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK PEOPLE? I understand there is a lot of paperwork and logistics to consider when someone is going to be discharged but one day longer spent in a unit that they don’t need to be in is a whole day longer someone else is losing out on that space.

It seems pretty obvious to me that valuable time, money, recourses, etc. are being wasted here. It’s just another way that things are completely and utterly screwed. We’re talking about people’s lives here, not only those who desperately need a bed because they need urgent help but those who are pretty much being trapped in a place they don’t need to be anymore. MORE ORGANIZATION PEOPLE. And as for the outreach and crisis teams? Well, they are on the front line, they are the individuals who have to deal with the shit that hits the fan in someone’s life. If there were more funding and extra staff, then potentially more lives could be saved.

So what is the government’s wishful thinking, hair brain scheme this time? Well, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has come out with a very bold statement, he has said that there will be 21,000 more consultants, nurses and therapists working in mental health services by the end of 2021. WOW, I mean FUCKING WOW. That is quite the statement. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) doubts, as do I that there will be enough money to make this figure possible. Just so we are all aware of the plan, this is just a part of how they intend to utalise part of that massive 21,000 figure,
2,000 more nurses, consultants and therapist posts in child and adolescent mental health services
2,900 additional therapists and health professionals supporting adult talking therapies
4,800 additional posts for nurses and therapists working in crisis care settings
more mental health support for women around the time they give birth and early intervention teams working with people at risk of psychosis

I can’t wait to see how this whole situation will pan out and if the government can deliver on their word rather than just fucking us about coz god knows Theresa May and those butt monkeys she calls a party are doing such a terrific job of it that they need to ask for help from a homophobic jumped up party such as the DUP.

Anywho before I go off on a complete and utter bitch fest of fuckery I shall leave it there for this week and see you all next time my lovelies. :).